The Green Kangaroo

Photo Tips

The photos you send to us for printing must be of high enough quality for good print results. What does this mean?

  • Photos from digital cameras are usually okay (although they can be too large – see the section below on Size Limits below)
  • Scanned photos are okay, if the original photo is 4 inches by 6 inches or larger, and is scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.

Size Limits

We have imposed a size limit on our uploads, because files that are too large will take a very long time for you to upload, at no added benefit. Our upload file size limit is 2.5 Megabytes (MB). Please downsize your photo first if the file size is greater than 2.5 MB.

  • Photos taken on a 7 Megapixel or less camera will usually be okay, without resizing.
  • Downsizing your photos before upload will save you time during the upload process – we recommend resizing to a maximum dimension (height or width) of 1600 pixels.
  • Please don’t downsize your photo too much. Photo files that are less than 200 kilobytes (kB) will probably not print well.
  • If the photo you provide will not provide quality print results for your design, we will contact you before printing, and help you select or format a photo that will result in a quality print.