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What credit cards and payment types are accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Will I be charged sales tax on my order?

North Carolina residents will be charged in-state sales tax on your order. Out-of-state orders are not charged sales tax. Sales tax is determined by the shipping address. If you pick up your order at the TGK Studio or have it shipped to a North Carolina address, you will be charged North Carolina sales tax.

When will my credit card be charged?

Payment is due, in full, at the time you place your order. For security purposes, The Green Kangaroo will authorize your credit card at the time the order is placed, but your card will not be charged until a proof has been approved (or 1 month after your order confirmation – whichever happens first). Please note that, occasionally, issuing banks may reflect this authorization as a hold on your funds.

How do I apply a coupon code or take advantage of a promotion?

Once you have saved the product of your choice in your cart, select “enter coupon” to provide your coupon code. You may then proceed to checkout, where you’ll be able to view the adjusted total reflecting the appropriate discount. When promotional items are offered, you may see them as a selection during the “build & buy” process, in which they will be included in your order and proof set.


When will my order ship?

Once we receive approval of your digital proofs (which are created for you within 1-3 days of receiving your order), your order goes into production. The production time varies based on the product, and we’ve created a handy table for you to reference here:

TGK Guidelines for Estimated Ship Dates

Product Category Standard Production Rush Production
Pocket & Signature Raised Invitations 10-15 business days 6 to 9 business days
Signature Invitations 6 to 9 business days 5 to 7 business days
Save the Dates 5 to 7 business days 3 to 5 business days
Programs & Table Stationery 5 to 7 business days 3 to 5 business days
DIY Pockets, Wraps & Materials 5 to 7 business days not applicable

You will receive notification via email regarding your estimated ship date, or the date your order is scheduled to leave our studio, once your proofs are approved.

How much will it cost to ship my order?

Shipping costs range from $7 to $25 depending on your order subtotal. Occasionally, we run promotions that include free shipping, in which case the prices below will display as FREE. The prices displayed below are today’s shipping rates. If a free shipping promotion is currently running, these rates will change back to our standard rates when the promotion ends.

Base Shipping Costs

For Subtotals Greater Than For Subtotals Less Than Or Equal To Shipping Cost
$0.00 $100.00 $9.00
$100.00 $250.00 $15.00
$250.00 $350.00 $20.00
$350.00 $500.00 $25.00
$500.00 $750.00 $30.00
$750.00 $1300.00 $35.00
$1300.00 and up Free

Our standard method of shipping is UPS Ground. The cost of ground shipping is based on your order subtotal and the type of product you are purchasing. If you would prefer another method of shipping, please contact us.

The order subtotal does not include rush fees, shipping itself, or tax. For example: If your order for invitations is $1200 and you apply a rush fee of $125, making your total $1325, shipping would be calculated based on the $1200 order subtotal.

How do I expedite my order?

There are 2 things you need to consider (and the costs associated with each) when choosing to expedite your order – RUSH Production and Expedited Shipping. Both options can be reviewed and selected at checkout. RUSH Production is the option for the TGK Team to produce your order faster than our standard turn around time. See our RUSH Fees. Expedited Shipping is the option to have your order shipped from our door to yours utilizing a service faster than UPS Ground.

How much does Expedited Shipping cost?

The full cost for expedited shipping cannot be determined until we have prepared your order for shipment. Please note the following:

  1. Expedited shipping (anything other than UPS ground) will incur additional fees. By selecting this option, you will be charged for the cost of Regular Ground Shipping, but we will contact you prior to shipment to advise you on the availability, transit times, and cost of various expedited shipping methods (e.g. Next Day Air, Second Day Air, etc.) At that time, you must pay the difference in order to receive expedited shipping.
  2. If your order subtotal qualifies your order for free shipping, The Green Kangaroo will apply a credit in the amount of the otherwise highest shipping charge towards any expedited shipping option. (For example: If you select Overnight shipping and it costs $80.00, you will be charged $50.00 if the highest cost for ground shipping in your product class is $30.)
  3. Additional fees may apply to orders shipped outside of the Continental US (i.e. international orders, or orders shipped to Hawaii or Alaska).


Will I get a proof of my order before it’s printed?

We want you to be totally satisfied with your order, and we understand that you want to see your order before it gets printed. To help make this happen, TGK gladly provides complimentary proofs for your order!

To maintain our exceptionally high standards for quality and customer satisfaction, it is important for our customers to understand and honor our proof system. Under no circumstances will The Green Kangaroo proceed with an order without an approved proof.

When will I receive my proof?

Your proof will be ready to view within 1-3 business days after you have submitted your order. Please note that custom designs or custom maps can occasionally take longer depending on our order volume. You’ll receive an email when your proofs (or revisions) are ready to view.

What item(s) will be in my proof?

You will receive a proof of every item that you’ve ordered, including extras such as guest addressing or matching note cards.

How do I access my proof?

In order to view your proof, you must first log in to your TGK account. Once you are logged in, you will see a section titled “Your Recent Proofs.” Click on the most recent proof in that section (there may be only one if this is your first order.) Once your proof set opens, you may click on each individual file to review your proofs.

Can I request changes to my proof?

If you would like to make a design change, just click on the “request revision” link underneath your proof to type in your revision request. Once you submit your changes/revisions to TGK, our Design Team will generate another round of proofs for you. You will receive a new email any time a new proof set is ready.

Will changes to my proof cost extra?

We are happy to provide up to 2 complimentary proofs for each and every item that you buy. Additional revisions/proofs can be provided, though we will charge a $25 fee for each subsequent set of revisions requested after the final/2nd proof has been sent.

Can I change my pocket, paper or ribbon selections after I order?

In order for us to provide you with the best possible turnaround time, we are required to begin working on the claimable aspects of your order (i.e. paper, pockets, ribbon, crystals, etc.) as soon as we receive it! This allows time for us to order materials not currently in stock and time to create and assemble pockets.

While we do provide you with a proof of every item ordered, please keep in mind that the proofing process is intended to provide you with the opportunity to review and revise the content, design & layout of your product. It is not intended to be used as a time to revise your pocket, paper, ribbon and/or crystal selections. However, we do understand that your wants & needs can change and we want you to be happy with all aspects of your order! If it is necessary for you to change one of these selections, please contact us with this request. A re-stocking fee may apply.

The colors on my proof look lighter/darker than I expected them to. What should I do?

Different computer monitors show color in very different ways. For this reason, we always send you ink swatches when you order samples from our site so that you can know for sure how the colors you’ve envisioned will appear on the paper you selected. If you don’t have ink swatches in hand of the colors you are ordering, please contact us and we’ll be happy to send you swatches free of charge!

How do I approve my proofs?

If no revisions are necessary, just click “approved as-is” and then “submit.” Your proofs are approved and your order is ready to go into production!

What if I approve a proof that contains an error?

While we work closely with our clients and try to alert them when we notice a potential typo or error, the responsibility for identifying and correcting mistakes to the proofs lies with the customer. With so many unusual spellings of names and venue locations, not to mention the myriad styles of wording wedding invitations, we must trust our clients to check (and double check!) that everything is worded and spelled the way you want it.

Rest assured that any errors made by The Green Kangaroo will be corrected immediately at no cost the customer. Errors overlooked by the customer and identified after final proof approval will only be corrected and reprinted at the expense of the customer. (Consideration will be given to discount the retail value of the reprinted item, if possible.)


How much will it cost to mail my invitation?

Determining postage for your invitations is a bit tricky. Here’s why… We allow a lot of customization during the order process. Our papers are slightly different weights and sizes, which means each order is different and unique, right down to the final weight of the invitation. What we do know is:

  • Shape matters – if your invitation is square, you will pay a surcharge at the post office because it’s considered “non-machinable”.
  • Weight matters – if your invitation is over an 1 ounce (and most are), you will pay whatever the current rate is to mail a piece weighing between 1.0 and 2.0 ounces. Rarely do our invitations weigh more than 2.0 ounces (but it is possible, especially with pocket invitations that have lots of upgrades).
  • Location matters – Every Post Office has some discretion in determining your postage, and not every Post Office comes up with the same rate (we know from experience!). For this reason, TGK does not and will not provide a quote on what your postage will be for your invitations. We encourage all of our customers to take a completed invitation to their local Post Office for quote – and be sure to mail your invitations from the same place. TGK is happy to provide you with the weight of your invitation (to the nearest 1/10 of an ounce).

Rates do change from time to times, so be careful when buying postage ahead of time. The rate may change by the time your invitations are mailed out.

Also, don’t forget to apply postage to your reply cards! If you selected a postcard style reply, your rate may be less expensive.

Will I receive envelopes with my order?

Yes. All of our wedding invitations include blank envelopes in a coordinating white or cream matte paper. Our envelopes are square-flapped, unless otherwise noted. For products other than wedding invitations, if the product is intended for the mail (like Save the Dates, Thank You Notes, Holiday Cards, etc…) envelopes are included.

Do you offer calligraphy or envelope addressing?

Time saving Guest Addressing is one of our most popular services! We make this process streamlined and simple by having you upload your guest list directly to our Web site in an MS Excel template we provide. You’ll receive a proof of your Guest Addressed envelopes in fonts to match the design you select for your invitation.

Do you print the return address on the envelopes?

For all items that include envelopes, you can opt to receive the envelopes blank or have your return address printed for an additional fee. Typically, return address printing in flat black ink is $0.25/each, and flat colored ink is $0.35/each. The address will br printed on the back flap of each envelope. If you choose to have your return address printed in color, we will print in a color(s) that match your invitation. You will see a proof of your return address before we move forward with printing.

Do you print the delivery address on the RSVP envelope/RSVP postcard?

We always print your delivery address in flat Black ink on the front of the RSVP/reply card envelope. For an additional $35 upgrade fee, we will be happy to print the address in a color to match or complement your invitations. If your RSVP/reply card is a postcard, upgrades are not necessary. Addresses are automatically printed in matching colors on reply postcards.

Do wedding invitations include inner and outer envelopes?

No. Effective December 10, 2013, all of our wedding invitations include a premium single envelope.

Can I get lined envelopes?

Yes! We offer custom envelope liners as an option under “Design Extras” in the Build & Buy section on all of our wedding invitations.

Can my envelopes be shipped ahead of my invitations?

No. To give you the best products and service, it is important that all of your items in your order ship together.

Can I order extra envelopes?

As a service to you, we already a couple of extra envelopes with every wedding invitation order. But if you need more, you may order additional envelopes in increments of 10. We charge $5 per set of 10 Envelopes (plus applicable tax and/or shipping).


Invitation wording samples

Need a little inspiration for wording your wedding invitation? Here are some popular verses.

Traditional – Bride’s Parents Hosting

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Michael Smith
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter
Lauren Belle
Mr. Carter Geoffrey Adams
Saturday, the seventeenth day of April
Two thousand and ten
at two o’clock in the afternoon
Saint Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church
Cary, North Carolina
Reception Immediately Following
Popular – Couple/Families Hosting

Together with their families
Lauren Belle Smith
Carter Geoffrey Adams
request the pleasure of your company
at their wedding and celebration
Saturday, the seventeenth day of April
Two thousand and ten
at two o’clock in the afternoon
Saint Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church
Cary, North Carolina
Modern – Host Neutral

The honour of your presence is requested
at the marriage and celebration of
Lauren Belle Smith
Mr. Carter Geoffrey Adams
Saturday, the seventeenth day of April
Two thousand and ten
at two o’clock in the afternoon
Saint Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church
Cary, North Carolina
Dinner & Dancing to follow

Not sure any of these work for you? Contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you in selecting the most appropriate wording style!

RSVP wording samples

Stuck on how to word your reply/RSVP card? We have examples of those right here! Feel free to mix and match the content to come up with something that is unique and just right for you!

RSVP Sample 1
Kindly Respond by April 6, 2010
M ____________________________
____ will be delighted to attend
____ regretfully cannot attend

RSVP Sample 2
The favor of a reply is requested by April 6, 2010
Guest Name(s) ____________________________
____ accepts ____ regrets
Please indicate each guest's name and dinner selection.
Dinner Selections: Steak, Salmon, Vegetarian
RSVP Sample 3
Kindly Respond by April 6, 2007
Name(s) ____________________________
____ Joyfully accept your invitation
____ Regretfully decline your invitation
Number of guests attending ____
RSVP Sample 4
We look forward to celebrating with you!
Kindly Respond by April 6, 2010
M ____________________________
____ Accepts ____ Regrets
Please indicate the number of each:
____ Steak ____ Salmon ____ Vegetarian

What information goes into a pocket wedding invitation?

Pocket invitations provide a great solution for couples who need to provide wedding guests with lots of event information. Typical accessory items include maps, driving directions, weekend itineraries, and hotel recommendations along with the standard wedding invitation and reply card. All of our pocket invitations include 2 accessory cards, in addition to a reply card, giving you plenty of options for communicating event details to your guests with style!

What mailing address should I use for the return address?

It is appropriate to use any of the following for the return address of a wedding invitation:

  • The host(s) of the wedding… although only one address should be used (regardless of how many people are contributing to the wedding).
  • The individual(s) responsible for handling returned mail should an invitation be undeliverable. This may be the wedding’s hosts, or may often be the bride herself. Consider how you plan to manage the mailing of invitations and base your decision on what makes the most sense for you.

What mailing address should I use for my RSVP?

RSVP cards should be sent back to whomever will be keeping track of guest responses. Whether this is the bride, the groom, or another family member is entirely up to those planning the wedding! Consider how you plan to manage guest responses and base your decision on what makes the most sense for you.

Wedding Etiquette Articles

Looking for more insight into wedding etiquette? Visit our helpful blog with dozens of articles addressing everything from invitation wording nightmares to the ins and outs of current wedding trends. Frequent blog visitors, as well as our Facebook and Twitter fans, are privvy to all sorts of special offers, unique discount codes, and fun giveaways!

Design – paper, customization, maps

For details about our design basics (swatches and such), please see the links under “Design Me” at the bottom of any TGK web page.

Will I receive a proof of my order before it’s printed?

Of course! We provide up to 2 complimentary proofs of each and every item! In order to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order, print production does not begin until we have received your proof approval. For more information view our full Proof Policy .

Can I change the layout or design of the invitation I am interested in?

Absolutely! The Green Kangaroo specializes in custom stationery, and we love to work with our customers to tailor each invitation to perfectly reflect your individual style. All of our designs are flexible and interchangeable. If you’d like to adjust the layout or design, just indicate the changes you’d like made when you place your order. One of our design consultants will get in touch with you directly to fine tune your ideas. Don’t see exactly what you want in one of our existing designs? Consider working with our designers to create an entirely new custom design!

Can I put a monogram on my invitation, even if one isn’t shown online?

Absolutely! The Green Kangaroo specializes in custom stationery, and we love to work with our customers to tailor each invitation to perfectly reflect your individual style. All of our designs are flexible and interchangeable. Simply indicate in the “Special Requests/Comments” section (under the “Your Wording” step of our Build & Buy process) which monogram you’d like to add and we’ll take care of the rest!

Can I order a custom motif or theme for my invitation?

At our heart, The Green Kangaroo is a custom stationer. While all of the designs you see on our pages are unique to us, many of them have been inspired by brides who wanted something completely different and 100% new. This is where our custom invitation process comes in!

Our talented designers love nothing more than working directly with brides who have something special in mind. Whether it’s incorporating a sentimental memento into an original drawing or working with a meaningful quote to inspire a new design, our artists specialize in bringing your imaginings to life on the page.

If you are seeking a one-of-a-kind design, motif, or style for your wedding stationery, give us a call. You might be surprised at how reasonable our custom rates are – after all, this is what we love to do! Our Custom fees range from $25 to $125, depending on the complexity of the request, and we will quote you the charge up front so that there are no surprises. Just contact us to discuss your idea!

How do I order a custom map?

When you are ordering your product, simply indicate that you’d like us to create a custom map in the “Design Options” section of the Build & Buy process. You will then be asked to provide some basic details (such as road names & points of interest), and our Design Team will take care of the illustration! Our Custom Map Design Fee is $95.

I have my own artwork, can TGK print it?

Generally, yes! As long as you hold ownership of the artwork or have written permission to use it. However, we prefer to take a look at your art files before we can answer that question confidently. Please contact us to discuss the details. Below is a list of files that we accept. (A file acceptance fee will apply.)

File Types we accept:
  • Adobe Illustrator – .ai
  • Encapsulated Postscript – .eps
  • Adobe – .pdf
  • Adobe Photoshop – .pds
  • Adobe InDesign – .indd
  • High Resolution JPEG – formatted at 300 dpi or greater TGK reserves the right to accept or decline a custom request based on the integrity of the files submitted.

I have drawn my own custom map, can I use this on my invitation?

This is a possibility, however, we would need to review your map prior to accepting it. We may accept or decline a previously designed map based on the integrity of the file submitted.

Can I add or remove certain elements (paper layers, ribbon, crystals, etc…) to an invitation?

You can customize our invitations with the addition or removal of nearly any design element you see on our site! Many of these options are available under our “Design Extras” section of the Build & Buy process within each product page. However, if you don’t see a particular item you are looking for, just contact us to discuss your specific request and we’ll help you get the exact look you want.

Can I request a custom color?

While very often we can match your vision with an ink we already have available, we are happy to create a custom color for you! Our custom ink fee is $30. Contact us to discuss the details. We generally can not accommodate custom paper color requests as we do not make paper are restricted to market availability.

I received color swatches from TGK, and they look different than the colors displayed on my screen, why?

Different computer monitors show color in different ways. For this reason, when you order samples from our site we always send ink swatches with your sample so that you can know for sure how the colors you’ve envisioned will appear on the paper.

Will TGK provide me with a file for my monogram for use on other wedding items (favors, aisle runners, decals, etc…)?

We will! Certain conditions do apply, so it is best to contact us to discuss the details of your request.

Photos/file submission

What photo formats do you accept? (digital vs. hardcopy + file formats)

We accept both digital and hardcopy photos. JPEG files are the most standard file types and satisfy most digital requirements. While hardcopy photos are not ideal, we can scan and prepare them for you for a $25 fee. Contact us to let us know if you need to mail us a hardcopy photo.

How will I know if my photograph will print well?

Even if a photo looks fine on your computer monitor, it won’t necessarily print well. Professional printing presses require photos to be a 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution or higher. To determine your photo’s dpi:

  • Right click on the photo to view the photo’s “properties” and identify the photo’s dimensions (such as 1200×1800).
  • Divide the digital dimensions by the photo’s physical dimensions (such as 4×6 or 5×7) to determine the dpi.
  • For example, if your photo’s digital dimensions are 1200×1800 and its physical size is 4×6, divide 1200 by 4 and 1800 by 6 to equal 300 dpi.

Any image resulting in a dpi below 300 will print poorly with a grainy or blurry final image. Keep in mind that attempting to resize your photo may potentially distort the quality of the image. When using a photo taken by a professional photographer, it is best to ask the photographer for the original image, rather than attempting to copy it from a slideshow or preview. Your photographer should be able to provide the image in the appropriate resolution. This practice will also ensure that you have full permission to reproduce and use the photo!

What size should my photograph be?

Your photo should be a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.

Will TGK touch up or edit my photograph?

We can crop your photo or convert a color photo to black and white. We do not, however, perform touch ups or photo enhancements such as teeth whitening, skin enhancement, or removing unwanted items from the photo. These are manipulations best handled by your photographer.

Can I send TGK my photo after I place my order?

Yes, though we ask you to submit it within 1 week after your order has been placed. Please keep in mind that, in the event we don’t receive your photo in a timely manner (and your order remains “In Design” or “In Proofing” for more than 30 days), we will proceed with processing your payment. Here’s our Payment Policy

Custom Postage Stamps

Our design team can create beautiful custom postage stamps for wedding invitations, save-the-dates, holiday cards and more! See below for details:

How do I purchase custom stamps?

Our custom stamps are sold with our mailable printed products. On the last step of the Build and Buy process, you will see an option to add custom stamps to your order.

How much to custom postage stamps cost?

  • 2 sheets = $9.95/each
  • 3 sheets = 7.95/each
  • 4 sheets = 6.95/each
  • 5-24 sheets = $5.95/sheet
  • 25+ sheets = $5.25/sheet

How are custom stamps sold?

Our stamps are sold by the sheet, 24 stamps per sheet. The custom design will be printed, however, postage will not be applied to your stamps.

You will need to have an account – or create an account – with to buy and print postage on your stamps using your home printer.

Why don’t custom stamps from TGK include postage?

Our stamps are offered without postage to keep them affordable and flexible. This way, you will be able to print your postage in whatever amount and quantity you wish. You aren’t locked into a specific denomination. You can print the whole sheet of stamps or just part of the sheet. It is a huge benefit not to be required to purchase more postage than you need!

How do I print the postage on my custom stamps?

After you receive your custom stamps from TGK, you can print your postage via . If you do not already have a account, please create one. This account is separate and different from your TGK account. Once you are logged in to, you can purchase and print postage at home. An instruction sheet will be included with your custom stamp shipment. also offers a “Help” page for additional FAQs.

How quickly will I receive my stamps?

Our stamps generally ship within 7-10 business days after you’ve submitted your proof approval. They may ship separately from the rest of your order.


How do I order samples?

From each product page, click on “Get Samples” (located just to the right of the big, green “Build & Buy” button). We send out general sample sets based on the specific design “style” you are most interested in.

A few notes on samples:

  • Sample orders include the full invitation ensemble (reply card, envelopes, applicable enclosures, design elements, etc…).
  • Our sample invitations represent the paper and print quality of our work and should provide you with an idea of the size, layout, and texture of your invitation.
  • The samples we provide are “production quality” samples, which means the samples we use are ones ordered by real brides and may not reflect the customized colors you specify in your sample order.
  • Your sample order will include ink swatches of the colors you request, so that you can see the true color of the ink in print.

How much do samples cost?

Our Classic Sample Set is FREE! All additional sample sets range from $2 to $7.

When will I receive my samples?

Samples are shipped via First Class Mail in 3-5 business days. Because our studio is located in North Carolina, if you live on or near the Pacific Coast, it may take an additional week for your sample to reach you.

Can you personalize my sample?

Complete orders are fully customizable and always include 2 free sets of proofs. However, in order to provide samples for you in a timely, cost effective manner, samples are not customized. If you request specific paper and/or ink colors, we will gladly provide complimentary swatches to help you envision your invitation. Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive digital proofs so that you can review (and edit) the content, and feel confident that your final printed design will be exactly what you ordered.

Can I order extra color swatches?

Yes! Tell us all about the colors you would like to see under the “Order Notes” section.

I’m interested in a paper colors that is marked as “special order”. What does that mean?

Special Order papers are colors that we make available to you, but don’t regularly keep in inventory. If you are interested in customizing your invitations with a special order paper, it may require an additional fee and/or additional time in production. Go ahead and select that paper choice when purchasing your invitations and our Customer Service team will contact you once they review your order with further details.


When should I order wedding invitations?

We recommend that you order your wedding invitations 3 to 4 months before your wedding, and no later than 10 weeks before your wedding date. This time frame allows enough time for:

  • Our Design Team to create your proofs
  • Your review of the proofs and processing of any necessary edits
  • Standard production to take place after your proof approval (7-10 business days for most products)

Ideally, you want enough wiggle room (2+ weeks) between the time your order is estimated to ship and the time you need to mail your invites.

Rush production is available if necessary. Please see our Rush Policies for details regarding a “rush” order. Custom Designs often need more time for collaboration and review. Please place custom orders 3-5 months prior to the wedding date.

Can I RUSH my order? What will it cost?

In most cases, we can accommodate rush requests. However, we reserve the right to evaluate an order’s complexity along with our current stock of materials and production schedule to determine if we are able to meet your needs. Assuming we can accommodate a rush order, the following fees will apply:

Product Category RUSH Production RUSH Fee
Signature Flat Wedding Invitations 5 to 7 business days $125
Signature Pocket Wedding Invitations 6 to 9 business days $125
Save the Dates 3 to 5 business days $75
Wedding Programs 3 to 5 business days $75
Table Stationery 3 to 5 business days $75

Please remember that, even for rush orders, we always require proof review and approval before we will move your order into production.

Will I see a proof before my order is printed?

Of course! Please see our Proof FAQs

What happens after I submit my order?

  1. You will receive an order confirmation email.
  2. Our design team creates your proofs.
  3. You’ll review your proofs and make the necessary revisions. Another set of proofs will be generated if you request any changes.
  4. After you approve your proofs, we begin print production. We also charge your credit card at this time.
  5. After your order is printed, carefully inspected and assembled (if required) for packaging, it ships out via UPS to you!

If your order is delayed for any reason, we will let you know right away. Remember, we cannot proceed without your final proof approval, so please be sure that we have your accurate contact information – and be on the lookout for email correspondence from The Green Kangaroo!

Do you offer discounts?

We do! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to be the first to know about promotional offers from TGK.

TGK is proud to offer a 10% military discount to fiances and children of men and women serving in (or retired from) any branch of the United States Armed Forces. Please contact us to provide the name, rank, branch of service, and your relationship to the service person and our team will respond with a coupon code for you!

We also offer “tiered” pricing based on volume, which means that the more you order, the lower the cost per piece. These discounts will be visible in the “Build & Buy” section of each product’s page.

Can I place a reorder or order a few extra pieces after I’ve received my order??

Yes, but it is extremely important for you to contact us ASAP if you discover that you need a few extras. We typically print a handful of extras for quality control purposes. However, we can not guarantee that overprints for your order will be suitable or available for you to purchase. When we do have extras, we keep them on hand for about 2 weeks before recycling them. If you need more of anything you have ordered, please let us know right away!

Should you discover that you need extras after our 2 week holding period passes, you will likely need to place a new order. Keep in mind that our minimum order is 25 pieces for most of our products.

Do you have a minimum quantity requirement?

Yes, we require a minimum order quantity of 25 (with the exception of table cards). Smaller quantities can sometimes be accommodated for an additional fee. Please contact us if you are interested in ordering less than 25 pieces.

Do you have a catalog?

One thing you won’t find at The Green Kangaroo, is a huge catalog full of inflexible choices! What will you find? A collection of affordable, original, one-of-a-kind wedding invitations and stationery. Our team works with you to create and produce each and every piece, making your purchase from The Green Kangaroo completely unique.

Can I order by phone?

It’s best for orders to be placed through our website so that your wording and details are properly documented. If you need help, please email us with your questions and we will do our very best to assist you!

Can I find your products at a local stationery store?

Every product offered through The Green Kangaroo is 100% original and is only produced by us. We sell our products exclusively through our website so they are not available in retail stores. You can always request samples so that you can see, touch, and feel our designs in person! Also, our team (the’Roo Crew) is available Monday through Friday to answer your questions.

Who do I contact if my order is incorrect or damaged?

Please contact us right away if any part of your order is incorrect or damaged. We ask that you inspect your order carefully once it arrives! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, contact us immediately (within 2 to 3 business days) so that we may evaluate your request and determine the best way to address it. We cannot repair, replace, or compensate for defective products if a complaint is submitted more than 14 days after the order has shipped.

What is your return policy?

Due to the customized nature of our products, returns and refunds will be considered on an individual basis. Rest assured, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products and we guarantee the quality of every item that we produce.

Our invitations are individually crafted and carefully inspected and we have a strong history of customer satisfaction. However, please examine your order carefully as soon as it arrives! If you find that an item is defective, please contact us immediately so that we can replace it for you. Errors made by The Green Kangaroo will be corrected immediately, at no cost to you.

If, for any other reason, you are not satisfied with your order, we will evaluate the issue and work with you to determine the best way to address it. Errors on your end, such as errors overlooked during the proofing process, must be corrected and reprinted at your expense, though we will attempt to discount the reprinted item for you, if at all possible. We cannot repair, replace, or compensate for defective products if the complaint is submitted more than 14 days after the order has shipped.

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations made before proof approval will be subject to a fee of 35% of the total purchase price, plus an additional design fee. Orders canceled after proof approval will not receive a refund.